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Youngevity Testimonials

Youngevity Testimonials

Dr. Willie Richardson

“I’ve been an exercise and nutrition buff for over twenty years. I have taken many different supplements and thought I’d achieved all there was to achieve from supplements. Then I started Dr. Wallach’s “Healthy Start” system. To my amazement, I feel that I have taken at least five years off of my physical age. I do a 2.35 mile run and I’ve been able to reduce my time by two and a half minutes-the best in five years! I believe that the Osteo-FX and Gluco-Gel have been major factors in my reduced morning stiffness and increased muscle flexibility, stamina and performance. Oh, by the way I am 65 years old and I feel fantastic.”

Youngevity TestimonialsDeborah Winston

“I have experienced minor pain and stiffness in both hands for years. But that changed after I began using Osteo-FX Plus. I didn’t realize this until I shook hands with a colleague and, to my surprise, it didn’t hurt! It brought me to tears.”

Sandra Whitley

“My family is so blessed to see the miraculous things that have taken place in our Mom’s life. After overcoming many health issues she has so much energy and is back to running around. She is 82, but has the strength of a sixty year old!

I am so grateful to God for the great thing he has done. I must say, Youngevity is indeed the Better Way!



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